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Parent PASSport / Schoology (Create)

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Stay Connected! Utilize LAUSD's PASSport (Parent Access Support System Portal) and Schoology to:
  • Monitor attendance
  • Monitor classroom grades and assignments (Schoology)
  • Monitor academic marks
  • Connect with classroom teachers
  • Track standardized testing progress
STEP 1: Create a PASSport account --> CREATE
*Note If the CREATE link is not working properly, please click on the LAUSD PASSport image above or the LOG IN link below to register for an account.
STEP 2: Log into PASSport --> LOG IN
NOTE: To access Schoology, click on the green "Grades & Assignments" icon once you are logged into PASSport.
Frost Parent Center Institute:  LAUSD PASSport (Parent Access Support System Portal)
presented on Friday 9/8/17 can be found in the file below.
Additional information and resources regarding the LAUSD PASSport:
  • LAUSD Parent and Community Services PASSport Parent Resources --> CLICK HERE
  • Video on PASSport Parent Access --> CLICK HERE
  • Registration Quick Guide & Troubleshooting --> CLICK HERE
  • Linking & Removing Students to your account Quick Guide --> CLICK HERE
  • Resetting an LAUSD Account Password --> CLICK HERE
  • Changing Registered Email Account --> CLICK HERE
Additional information and resources regarding Schoology:
  • Parent Login: The Schoology App --> CLICK HERE
  • Viewing Student Grades in Schoology --> CLICK HERE
  • Schoology Messsaging --> CLICK HERE
  • Schoology Notifications --> CLICK HERE
  • Toggling Between Students in the Schoology App (if you have more than one on PASSport) --> CLICK HERE
Having PASSport and/or Schoology related issues?
Contact Erika Garcia (College & Career Coach) at ERIKA.L.GARCIA@LAUSD.NET
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