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Principal's Message

Week of 091817

The first progress report cards for this year went home last week. I am hoping that all families had an opportunity to review your current grades. In case that some of the report cards did not make it home, we want to remind parents that you may access the latest grades via our online Learning Management Systems, in Schoology and PASSport.

Students, now that you know your first grade of the year, I want you to stay on top of your assignments and work on getting all passing grades. With the first report card issued, we have identified as well all 8th students who are in danger of not graduating on stage due to not being on-par. An on-par student is the one who is meeting graduation requirements, which include Academic, work habits, and Cooperation grades. A student not-on-par is the one who is not meeting the Frost Culmination Requirements. For a detail list of the Frost Culmination Requirements, please read your student planner.

At Frost, we care for our students wellbeing and our counselors will be visiting all students during some selected classes to make sure we continue to treat each other with courtesy and respect. During these presentations we will make sure students understand the difference between when someone is rude, mean, or a bully. It goes without saying that we do not want any of those behaviors on campus. I want to thank Frost students for always being polite and courteous to each other.

With that said, I am asking our student body speaker of the house, to make sure we read over this public address system, the information that is included in your planner. This is with the intention of providing students a reminder of the very clear expectations we have for all.

I will start today by reading the first section of the Frost Culture included on page 1 of your planners.

“At Frost, we are respectful
We respect each other’s background, heritage, and individual differences.
We respect everyones’ right to be safe and valued
We do not tolerate bullies or bullying behavior
We respect our campus by cleaning-up after ourselves
We respect our green areas by not walking through them, including our quad, planters, and hillsides
We respect our areas with restricted access and follow the instructions given by our staff”

Thank you and have a great week.

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BREAKING NEWS: Frost Jazz Band is Back! and Mariachi gets Extra Credits!

I am glad to report that I was able to secure funding to make Mariachi an after school class. This benefits our participating students by providing them the continuity of a daily class that will result in those participants receiving 5 more credits per semester on their report cards. With this new arrangement, Mr. Rodriguez will teach Mariachi as a paid class. This will free up his volunteer time, which I have asked him to invest in bringing the Jazz Band back in the morning. However, in support of his growing family, I have approved for practice to be 3 days per week, instead of every day. Once again, with collaboration and mutual support, we are able to do what is best for all, especially Frost students.

Working with you, for our students, and keeping you informed.

J.Francisco Ayala, Principal.
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Week of 091117

This is our fifth week into the school year and we have already had plenty of great experiences so far. Your first grades for this semester are in, I know everybody is able to see them using the Schoology app. All students have access to Schoology and I hope you are using it to keep track of your progress even before grades are due. Last Friday, our parent workshop was designed to help parents access Schoology and the LAUSD PASSport on their own. Thanks to these new computer applications, parents, students, and teachers are more connected than ever.

Students, many of you have approached me inquiring about our Library being accessible for you. As you know, the library has been accessible all along when your class teachers take you there. Additionally, I am very excited to communicate to students that, starting today, I’ve made arrangements with Mr. Snook, who will be working half hour before school, and during lunch time, to keep the library open for students. This is great news since I know many of you are eager to find a quiet place to read and or do homework. Please make sure that you follow all library rules about no food, no talking, and no noise, if you want to spend some time in there before school and during lunch time.

If you are looking for a quiet place to do homework and study after school, you are welcome to join Ms. Edmonds in room 9 and the YS in room 8.

On a different note, our Leadership Class and our 6th grade counselor are requesting more time to prepare for the 6th grade welcoming lunch activities. Hence, they will not start today. Instead, we will start next week.

Students, I hope all of you enjoyed your Free-Dress Day last Friday that you earned with your good attendance during the month of August. However, I do want to let you know that we have a very large number of students who were not able to follow the very simple guidelines of a Free-Dress-Day (which are included in your student planner). Unfortunately, if we have these many students trying to push the limits of Free-Dress-Days, we may be forced to do without them. So, for next month, if you earn another day, please make sure you stay within the guidelines.

Thank you all for everything you do to make of Frost “An Excelling School… An Excellent Choice!”

Have a great week.
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Week of 9/5/17

In hope that all of you had a great Labor Day weekend, we start another productive week at Frost.

I want to thank all students, faculty, staff, and parents for a very productive Back to School night last Thursday.

Today is picture make up day. Only for students who did not take their picture during Orientation Days. Students are receiving their summonses right now, during homeroom. Students receiving summonses, you will go to your classes, make sure your teacher marks you present, and then ask your class teacher to let you go have your picture taken. Any student who did not come to Orientation and did not get a summons during homeroom, please come to the main office.

Today, we will be conducting a Fire Evacuation Drill during Period 4. Students, please plan ahead and make sure you leave your backpacks in your locker at the end of Period 3.

Today as well, our professional development time will be used by the faculty as a whole participating in a workshop titled “Accessing Student Data” in room 9.

Lastly, today, Students and families, if you can, PTSA will appreciate your support with the fundraising today at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, on Chatsworth and Zelzah.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 6, the first report card grades for the year are due in our computer system.

Friday, our parents will be able to participate in a workshop geared towards helping them maximize the use of our Parent Access Support System Portal, abbreviated as PASSPort.

Thank you and have a great week!
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Week of 082817

During the last two weeks, we have been diligently working to make sure all students are programmed into all the classes they need, all classes have the correct number of students, and that there is a fair balance in the distribution of students to all our programs. Frost is proud to offer different educational programs tailored to meet the needs of all our students, from our honors/SAS, to the programs especially designed to meet the unique needs of our students, we find ourselves busy during the first couple of weeks of each year making changes as needed. Our counseling and programming staff did an amazing job with the initial programming and I want to thank everyone for your patience in case you are one of the few students who are still having your classes revised.

Students, as we move further into the school year, I see most of you have been amazing at enforcing our uniform policy and our code of conduct. We are happy to report that very few students were caught arriving late on our first Tardy Sweep. I want to thank you all and encourage you to continue this exemplary behavior for the rest of the year.

I know many students are eager to receive the jackets and hoodies that your parents ordered during Orientation Days from PTSA. We are working hard to make sure those are delivered to you as soon as possible. Please know that the delay is due to the vendor falling behind with the delivery to our school. We expect some items to start being delivered this week.

Thank you all and have a great week.
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Week of 082117

The big news today is the solar eclipse that will be visible throughout the United States. There is plenty of anticipation and many people across the country are preparing for this special event. Unfortunately, as I communicated to you on Friday with my public address system announcement, all students at Frost during the time the eclipse will take place will remain indoors and are directed not to look out the windows or to the sun.

I want students to know that Frost teachers were very proactive in planning ahead in hopes to be able to coordinate a school wide viewing activity. I was as supportive as I could be and we worked on getting the eclipse glasses needed. Unfortunately, by the time the eclipse glasses were sold out, we had not received approval from our district to conduct the activity. We received guidance and documents from our District on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, by then we were not able to secure the approved viewing equipment and/or the required parental liability waiver that the District required for students to have in file. For that reason, and as directed by our district, only for today we are modifying our bell schedule. Today, all students will remain indoors for 3 hours, from 9 to noon time, in your period 2 class. No students will be able to leave the buildings without adult supervision. Teachers who have Period 2 conference will be assigned to different buildings to coordinate with other teachers in case coverage or escorting a student is needed. I understand that this experience has been frustrating for all and I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding.

I want for all students and teachers to please plan ahead and make sure you have activities to do during the time you will be indoors. I encourage the use of computers, projectors, or TVs for some classes where teachers want to show the event. This is a great learning opportunity as well for all students. I hope that some of the time you’ll spend indoors will be useful to you in learning about eclipses, the different kinds of them, and the difference between partial and total. By the way, for us in California, today will not be a Total Eclipse, it will be partial. That means, the sun will not be completely covered and we will not experience night-like darkness in our area.

Two complete different notes:
Most requested class changes have been addressed. Some were possible and some others were not. I want to remind students that the way to get your class schedule revisited is by addressing it with your counselor.

Lastly, an announcement for all students interested in the Mariachi musical group after school. We will be having a meeting in room 11 this Wednesday after school, from 3 to 4 pm, to discuss the expectations for being a member for the group, go over the schedule, and, if needed, to discuss the audition for entrance.

Thank you again for your understanding with today’s shelter in place 3-hour exercise.

Have a great week.
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Culmination Message 2017

Following the Notebook theme of our latest yearbook, as such, your journey through middle school started with no notes or memories. It was a blank space for you to write your own story, one that started with nervousness and anticipation of the unknown. Soon enough, it evolved into you taking ownership and making this journey your own. Writing page after page, you’ve documented a new chapter filled with knowledge, adventures, and memorable events that are about to become archived in this volume of your own encyclopedia called life.

I want to express my sincere appreciation and admiration to our students. I have witnessed you transform from timid incoming 6th graders, three years ago, into promising responsible youngsters, ready for high school, college, and, inevitable, an upcoming adult life overall. We are proud of you!

Of course, none of your achievements would be possible without the support system you have at home. Thank you parents and legal guardians.

I will take a minute now and invite you to express our collective appreciation as well to many other unsung heroes whose involvement in our efforts to pursue educational excellence for our students is of paramount importance. However, it is often that they go unnoticed, not this morning:

 From your first day in 6th grade to last Friday, those who welcomed you into their classrooms and provided you with every opportunity to learn, please a round of applause to all teachers.

 In some cases, those who assisted your teachers, either providing one-on-one support or extra reinforcement, thank you teacher assistants.

 Those who processed your grades, printed your report cards, cleared your absences, and now will send you records to high school, please give a hand to our entire clerical staff.

 Those who worked on fundraisers and chaperoned all your trips, working hand in hand with us all year long, Thank you PTSA and volunteers.

 Those who helped me keep the air conditioning, or heater, running, facilities clean and functional so you could focus on academics, a big thank you to our Maintenance and Buildings and Grounds staff.

 Right now, behind the scenes once more, those who work tirelessly to make of our school, and every event we set to do, a huge success. From making sure our diplomas are in order to working on every detail of this event, I want to personally thank our counselors, coordinators, and administrators. Especially, I want to thank Ms. Ferman and Ms. Doh for joining me her yesterday working on last minute details.

 Last, certainly not least, those who have entrusted me with the honor to serve you and whose support I count on to make of Frost “An Excelling School…. An Excellent Choice!, please help me show our appreciation to our school district director and superintendent.

During this school year, we continued to make strides towards offering you an exceptional educational program.

Today, before our graduates are gone, I am lucky to have over 600 families on waiting lists for the new school year to come.

Together, we accomplish what no other Middle School in the valley has done, like all colleges or high schools, we received Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

During the last 3 years, collectively, we gave you our best and relentless efforts to prepare students for a successful educational life and adulthood. I can only hope that later on, when our alumni look back through and recall the years spent in middle school, they will remember us as the place where the academic foundations of your careers were forged.

To our graduating class: I hope this Culmination Event is as rewarding as your time with us at Frost has been. We look forward to seeing you in the future, coming back to share with us your trips and successes and letting us know how much our contributions helped you reach your dreams. The journey has just begun! As you embrace it, I want you to set high and noble goals, stay focused, and follow the path you have traced for yourselves to reach your dreams. Your notebook of life is not complete yet. As you turn the page, a new chapter is just about to begin and we wish you simply the best on it and the many more chapters to come.

May your Legacy live on! Congratulations “The Legacies” Class of 2017.
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Week of 060517

Today we start our last week of the 2016-2017 school year and this is my last Monday announcement before summer break. I want to thank every team member at Frost for another very productive and rewarding school year.

During this year, we have been able to collectively accomplish many important benchmarks that continue making our school excellent. During this year, we have reached new heights in:

* Parental Involvement, with workshops every week that foster parental participation
* Student Safety, by quickly addressing any issue that has the potential to endanger our students
* Student Academic Achievement, by having Frost students surpassing the academic performance of our district
* Campus Beautification, with many projects that have made our campus even more beautiful

Thanks to the efforts of every stakeholder, we were recognized as a California Honor School and, our last achievement was to be able to receive Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which makes us the only accredited middle school in the entire San Fernando Valley.

During the year, we have been able to witness the progress of our students’ learning and, lately, we were able to enjoy great end-of-year performances from all our performing students. We are ready to go into summer eager to receive the latest scores for our students on the standardized test they recently took.

We look forward to closing the year with more celebrations:
* Starting today with our Music Awards night, another Frost first.
* On Thursday during our Awards Ceremony, our culminating students will have their last opportunity to celebrate with us their accomplishments before they move on to high school, and
* We close the year on Monday June 12, with our grand finale, the 2017 Culmination event.

Thank you Frost team for another great year and have a great, well deserved, summer break.
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Week of 052217

Today, we begin our last week of testing as 6th graders will take the Mathematics CAASPP test.

I want to thank all students and staff for a very smooth testing administration so far. Our completion rates are almost to 100% and our preliminary scores are showing the good work of our students.

Remember that the 7th grade ABE Card collection will take place today during lunch time on the Honor Court Stage.

If you ordered popcorn from the PTSA fundraiser, distribution of orders will take place on today, tomorrow, and Wednesday after school at the parent center.

On Friday morning, we have our last parent workshop of this year with a title that may benefit us all at this time of the year. The workshop is about Managing Stress.

Last week, week, Ms. Curtis and her percussion ensembles delighted us with a great concert on Wednesday. On Thursday, it was the turn for Choir and Master Chorale. Lastly, on Saturday, Mr. Rodriguez and Frost’s Mariachi Los Lobos had an amazing fundraiser performance organized by PTSA.

I want to thank all performing students for making us proud with every single musical piece performed.

To close our musical performances for the year, this coming Friday and Saturday we will have the well known and anticipated Frost Bowl. This year, it is Frost Bowl X and promises to be better than ever. Please check our website calendar for details.

Students, please start planning on cleaning your locker and finding all your textbooks. Soon, dates will be announced for locker cleanup and returning textbooks.

Thank you all students for your continuing support in maintaining a safe campus. We know that the end of the year is a very exciting time and we thank you for making it safe. Please remember, we do not tolerate bullying and should anyone be unkind to you, please let us know as soon as possible. Bullies are nothing when you help us get them exposed and addressed.

Thank you and have a great week.
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Week of 051517

I want to start this morning with congratulations to the Frost Music Department, our two directors; Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. Curtis, and all students who represented us over the weekend at the Music In The Parks event. In company of many parents, chaperones, and other audience members, I was delighted to hear many of the performances. Frost Musical Groups truly made us proud and caused the admiration of everyone. The event culminated with the Awards event at Magic Mountain last Saturday nigh. In total, these are the trophies Frost received:

I am mentioning the group, the place, and the rating

Jazz A-1st Place Superior
Best Overall Jazz Band
Joab Ovando-Outstanding Jazz Soloist
Jazz B-3rd Place Excellent
Mariachi-1st Place Superior
Frost Winds-1st Place Superior
Best Overall Band
Frost Strings-1st Place Superior
Best Overall Orchestra
Frost Phil-1st Place Superior
Frost Singers-1st Place Superior
Best Overall Choir
Frost Chorus-2nd Place Excellent
Percussion A-1st Place Superior
Percussion B-2nd Place Excellent
Percussion C-3rdPlace Excellent

I congratulate all groups and thank you for putting the name of our school on the map of excellence beyond our district.

On a separate note, I want to make an announcement to make sure that Frost continues to offer a safe environment for all students.

I want to start by thanking our many, many students in all grade levels who do the right thing by being respectful, avoiding conflict, exercising common sense, and reporting to us anything that happens or may happen out there and represents a threat to our collective safety.

Unfortunately, very few students are engaging in activities that are not only against our code of conduct but they are dangerous and we need to address that immediately.

I want to make sure that students know that we will not tolerate any kind of bullying or conflict that will result in confrontations that will disrupt the peace of the campus and/or endanger anyone’s safety.

8th graders, please be mindful of your actions and do not jeopardize your participation in culmination or 8th grade activities. Should you be involved in a confrontation, even as a bystander witness who does nothing to promote safety, you will be automatically lose your right to participate in culmination. Any 8th grader who is not candidate for culmination now, if you feel you have nothing else to lose, you are wrong. You are risking today to be your last day at Frost or go to high school with a pending expulsion.

To any other student who may feel like others are being unkind or abusive. Please make sure that you give us detailed information about what this person looks like in order for us to identify with our photo directory. No matter how much a bully may want to intimidate somebody, they have no power when they are reported.

However, I want to close by thanking again the majority of our students who are excellent in behavior and beyond. You make our campus great and make us proud everyday.

Have a great week.
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Week of 050817

Tomorrow, May 9 is National Teacher Day for 2017. This week, is Teacher Appreciation Week.

I am taking the time from my announcement today to thank all Frost teachers for everything they do everyday to help our students learn, grow, mature, improve, and become future better citizens of our community and society.

Great teachers, like ours at Frost, give us so much. They give up their time, not only during class in the classroom, but during their afternoons, evenings, weekends, and holidays. You know, those papers and projects do not grade themselves and yours is not the only one. Sometimes it is hundreds of projects and papers that they have to individually grade and give you feedback on.

Other times, they help you when having trouble. They lend you an ear if you need to talk, they give you advice when you are having trouble, their sole presence makes you feel safe when the hallway feels overcrowded. They are our role models, someone to look up to, in their area, their are the lead that you want to follow.

Most teachers are in the classroom. You see them everyday during the same period. Other teachers are out of the classroom, coordinating programs and activities, some you see a few times when they substitute in your classroom, and others have decided to lead the team and become administrators. We are all teachers. We are all into educating and forming the most precious asset our society has, our youth; You!

I’d like for our students to reflect and find a way to show your appreciation to your teachers, all of them. It does not have to be a gift, teachers are experts at finding appreciation in many ways. A note, a card, a nice comment, or even a good grade on your test to let them know how much their efforts matter. You have all week to do so and I am counting on all our great students to find a way to let all our teachers know that they are greatly appreciated.

We could not make our school the excelling school we are without our excelling teachers. On this week, the 2017 Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to tell our Frost teachers, substitutes, coordinators, counselors, and administrators… THANK YOU.

And tomorrow, on National Teacher Appreciation Day, lunch is on us!

Have a great week.
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Week of 050117

This week we have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Over the weekend, The Frost Singers did amazingly at the Anaheim Heritage Festival on Friday, April 28th. They were awarded Gold 3rd place.

8th grader, Shaina Sarmiento was awarded the Maestro award for her solo in one of the competition pieces.

AND with a rating of 90 or better, the Frost Singers have been invited to the National Invitational Festival of Gold and the National Youth Choir Festival at CARNEGIE HALL in New York for receiving their Gold Award!!!!!

Additionally, as you have heard me say over the last couple of days, I am honored to communicate that the official notification from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges has grated our school ACCREDITATION. This accreditation is equivalent to that required for all high schools and colleges for the academic credits they issue to be valid.

Starting immediately, you can proudly say that Frost students attend an ACCREDITED middle school. The first and only one in the entire San Fernando Valley.

I just received a call from the office of our Central Superintendent to congratulate us and to invite Frost to present to other middle schools to share our best practices that have led us to this amazing accomplishment.

My sincere appreciation to everyone for every single contribution that has made this commendable accomplishment possible.

Back to our current week, we continue with block schedule for implementation of the CAASPP test. This week is 7th Grade English Language Arts. Thank you students for doing your best on the tests. We know you will continue to make us proud.

Thank you and have a great week.
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Week of 042417

Today we start our second week of standardized testing. We continue with block-schedule. 8th grade students are still the grade level testing for one more week. Last week they concluded the English Language Arts part of the test and I want to thank all English teachers who participated. This week is Mathematics. Please refer to the testing schedule and our website for specific details.

Today, we have periods 1, 3, and 5, and classes testing are those for Ms. Kim, Ms. Kwon, Ms. Ali, Mr. O’Connor, and Ms. Montano. For all testing students, please remember that backpacks or any not-needed items for testing are not allowed in the testing room. And do not forget to bring in your earbuds.

Tomorrow, after early dismissal, our Magnet school is having Student-Led Conferences. Faculty for the residential school will have common planning time.

On Wednesday, Frost is supporting the cause of “Jean’s Day.” Students, faculty, and staff, are allowed and encourage to wear jeans as a symbolic way to promote the respectful treatment of everyone.

Lastly, Today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. This is a day when we acknowledge and mourn the genocide of one and half million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire over a century ago, in 1915. This is an important day for many of our students whose ancestors lost their lives in this tragic event. We must never forget all terrible chapters in history like this one, so that we can prevent them from ever happening again.

Thank you and have a great week.
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Week of 041718

Today is our first day of standardized testing administration for this school year. The Spring CAASPP test starts today with our 8th grade students. As we go through the testing weeks, please remember the following information:

For the next four weeks, our school will follow a bell schedule based on blocks, instead of one-hour periods.

Mondays and Thursdays you have classes for periods 1, 3, and 5.

Wednesdays and Fridays you have classes for periods 2, 4, and 6.

Tuesdays remain unchanged and you'll have all periods.

Every grade level will take two weeks to test. We start with 2 weeks of 8th grade, followed by 2 weeks of 7th grade. The last two weeks of testing, during 6th grade testing, the school resumes regular bell schedule for all.

The first week for each grade level is English Language Arts, the second week is Mathematics.

We start today the two weeks of 8th grade testing.

As addressed during our assemblies, I want to remind students of the importance of this test.

The scores are official and become part of your permanent record, which will follow you to all your future schools.

The scores are used to program your classes for the next school year. A good score may allow you to be placed, or remain, in honors classes, or AP classes in high school. A low score may place you in remedial classes and keep away you from participating in fun elective classes.

Remember to take your time to double check your answers before you submit your test. Please follow all the directions given by your teachers and pay attention to what is being asked for you to do. Be aware of those tricky questions and make sure you answer what is being asked. Sometimes the right answer is only part of the credit you will receive, if they ask you to explain your answer, please do so as that will be rest of the score needed to get full credit for a problem.

Please be mindful of all testing locations on campus and keep the noise to a minimum.

I thank in advance all students and teachers for all the work and effort invested in having a good testing session for every class. If anyone needs extra information, please visit our website where all information, including this message will be posted.

Thank you very much and have a great week.
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Week of 040317

Another very busy and productive week is coming up!

Today, our School Site Council meets in the library at 3:10 PM. This is an important meeting for everyone to attend as we will be addressing the prospective categorical budget for next year. While no major changes are expected or proposed, anyone who is interested in attending is welcome.

This Tuesday, we are dedicating the entire day to our CAASPP assemblies. Instead of PE, all students will be participating in our special assemblies in preparation for the upcoming Online State Standardized Test. After school, our Common Planning time will be about the CAASPP testing season as well.

On Thursday, after being postponed due to weather and the anticipated size of the participating crowd, we are finally having our Pin & Ribbon ceremonies. Yes, this year we are having two events. If you are a participating student and your last name starts with letters A - K, your ceremony will take place at 10:45AM. If your last name starts with letters L - Z, your event will start at 1:00 PM. We are looking forward to welcoming all parents as well to both events.

On Friday, all parents are welcome to attend our presentation regarding the upcoming State Standardized Test. It will take place in the library at 8:15AM.

Students, I want to thank you for your efforts to respect and enforce all our policies and codes. From being respectful and polite to each other, to arriving on time to school and class, to following the school dress code. Most of you are doing an amazing job as usual. For the few students who need some extra help, you may expect a few more tardy sweeps and school-wide dress code checks this week.

In the meantime, please have a great week.
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Week of 032717

The 10-Week Progress Report Cards were mailed home last week and should have arrived home over the weekend. 8th graders, this is the new progress report card that indicates if you are on-par status.

Our calendar for the upcoming days is as follows:

*Today, the Positive Behavior Support Team will meet at 3:10 in the Library.

*Tomorrow, our Professional Development time will be in the Library and Ms. Batra will address the required Child Abuse Awareness Training

*There is no school this Friday, March 31, in recognition of Cesar Chavez Day.

*6th grade students, please remember to submit proof of the TDAP vaccination.
-We hope to have cleared all our current 6th grade students prior to the end of this school year. If the school does not have this paperwork by the time students start 7th grade, they will not be allowed to start the school year.
-If you have any questions, please contact our school nurse.

*Please visit our website calendar for more details on upcoming events and important dates:
-8th Grade Pin & Ribbon Ceremony - April 6
-CAASPP Parent Institute Workshop - April 7 @ 8:15 am in the Library
-Spring Break - April 10-14
-CAASPP Testing Begins - April 17. Do not forget that we will be having block schedule for testing from April 17 to May 12.

Students, I want to thank the many of you who follow our code of conduct and school policies. You may want to know that this week, we will be having dress code checks and tardy sweeps. I appreciate everyone’s support to continue making our school the best place for education.

Have a great week.
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Week of 032017

The calendar for this week shows as follows:

Today, all 6th grade students will participate in a presentation from Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre - Adolescent Bullying Awareness.

On Friday, On-Par 8th grade students will participate in the 8th Grade Talent Show and Breakfast. Because of this activity, there will be no Parent Institute this Friday.

The 10-Week Progress Report Cards will be mailed home this week. Students, keep in mind that this is mid-semester already. You still have some time to get your grades up before the final report card is issued.
The 10-Week Grades are also viewable in Schoology.

Looking ahead, please make note of the following dates:
School Closed - Friday, March 31 - Cesar Chavez Day.
School Closed - Monday, April 10 - Friday, April 14 - Spring Break
Instruction Resumes - Monday, April 17

The Frost testing schedule for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) has been posted on our website, www.frostmiddleschool.org. It is important to know that during 4 weeks, from April 17 to May 12, due to testing, Frost will have Block Schedule. That means, for those days, classes will be two hours long and meet every other day.
Details are found on our website and every teacher has received a copy that I’d like to see posted in the classroom.

Thank you and have a great week.
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Week of 031317

Last week was packed with important activities at Frost. On Wednesday, our school hosted the Principals’ Meeting for our Local District. 160 principals and district authorities had an opportunity to visit our campus and be impressed by its beauty. Additionally, 3 musical groups were able to wow them by performing in the gym. Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. Curtis had our Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble A, and Mariachi, be the opening act of the event. Everybody was truly impressed.

On Thursday, Frost hosted all 5th grade classes from our feeder elementary schools in our Annual 5th Grade Articulation. Once again, our guests were impressed with our campus and our student body, making the event another success for Frost.

Lastly, on Friday, I presented at the Frost Parent Institute to current and future Frost parents. We had 85 prospective parents attend a session about our programs and the different ways to enroll at Frost.

I want to thank every single staff member and all students who in any way participated during any of these important events. Including the PE department for their willingness to allow us to use the gym.

This week, we start today with our Local School Leadership Meeting after school, in the library.
Tomorrow, our teachers will use the Common Planning Time to prepare for our Open House event on Thursday.
On Thursday as well, at the beginning of Open House, I will have a repeat of the meeting I had for parents last Friday.
We close the week with a General PTSA Board Meeting on Friday, instead of parent workshop.

Thank you all for everything you do to help us make of Frost, “An Excelling School… An Excellent Choice!”

Have a great week.
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Week of 030617

Last week was an awesome week for Frost. On Friday, we had 3 Honor Roll ceremonies and celebrated 707 students and families who made it to the Principal’s Honor Roll. Congratulations to all!. These events take a lot of planning and logistical collaboration. I want to thank all faculty and staff members who made it possible. This event was lead by Ms. Garcia with the help from the entire LeadTeam. Thank you all for making it all happen.

On Saturday, Frost participated in the Local District NorthWest Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics Festival. Or STEAM Fest at Cleveland HS. Frost was well represented in three different ways. First, we had the superintended personally asking me to have our Mariachi Los Lobos be the opening and main act at the beginning of the event. Of Course, led by Mr. Rodriguez, Frost students impressed everybody with a stellar performance. Thank you mariachi students and Mr. R.

Additionally, we were well represented in two additional areas. In the hall of academic excellence, Ms. Batra and Mr. Guzman had a table with Frost promotional materials and, in the background we had a large TV displaying different Frost videos, including the water conservation video from Ms. Sonne’s 6th grade class, footage from Ms. Antoniou’s classes, from Mr. Lee’s robotics class, and a few selections from our latest Frost Bowl event.

Another great area representing Frost at the Fest was in the gym. Where Mr. Lee, Ms. Antoniou, Ms. Pollak, and Ms. Diaz, had plenty of promotional Frost materials and a nice collection of items representing our science classes. From toothpick bridges and rollercoasters to robots and many other science manipulative materials. Of course, non of these could have been possible without the support from our students. I want to thank all of you who attended and made us proud. Extra recognition goes to Ms. Batra, Ms. Diaz, and Mr. Cross for all the work and effort invested in preparation of this event.

This week, we have an equally busy schedule. Today, we have an SAS tour in the morning. On Wednesday, we are hosting all principals from Local District NorthWest. On Thursday, we are bringing all 5th grade students from Castlebay, El Oro Way, VanGogh, and Knollwood Elementary schools, and on Friday, I am presenting to Frost and Elementary school parents about our programs at Frost.

We have plenty of reasons to be proud of our school and I want to thank you for making of Frost “An Excelling School… An Excellent Choice!”

Have a great week!
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Week of 022717

We want to start this week by congratulating our 707 students who made it to the Principal’s Honor Roll based on the final grades for Fall semester. We will be celebrating this great accomplishment with you this coming Friday with, not one but, three Honor Roll Ceremonies that will take place as follows:

8th grade event will start during period 1
7th grade event will start during period 3
6th grade event will start during period 5

I want to take a minute to clarify the difference between Honor Roll and Pin and Ribbon.

Principal’s Honor Roll is the list of students who, based on the final previous semester report card, achieved a 3.5 or greater Grade Point Average, or GPA, and/or who received all grades of E (for excellent), in Work Habits and Cooperation. Honor Roll is for all grade levels, 6, 7, and 8.

Pin and Ribbon, is an event for 8th grade students only who are “On-Par”, that means they are, based on the latest report card, meeting all requirements to culminate on stage at the end of the year.

For different reasons, including inclement weather, we've had to postpone both events this semester. However, the good news, is that Pin and Ribbon has been rescheduled to April 6. That means, if for any reason, your 5-week report card was not good enough to let you participate in Pin and Ribbon as is, you have a new opportunity to be included because the new date allows for the new report card to give you a new opportunity to be there. 8th graders, please make sure you do everything you can to remain, or become, On-Par status.

With all of this said, I want to congratulate the hundreds of students who will be recognized and celebrated, one way or another, or both, during our upcoming events. You truly make us proud.

Have a great week.
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