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First, I want to thank Mr. Huang for taking the lead on this task. Ms. Doh for all your support and experience, and all Homeroom Teachers for your leadership in the classroom and follow up.

I know my daily messages home may have been a little annoying, and I appreciate everybody’s patience. In the end, all of us worked together in progress to meet our goal.

I promised students, not one, but two free dress days if we reached a return rate of 90%.

Based on the latest numbers I received, we are only 43 surveys short in order to meet our goal.

We are now at 87%.

I know this high return rate was only possible because of our great student body. In appreciation for your support, and even though we are still a little short from our goal, tomorrow (Friday, 2/10) will be a FREE DRESS DAY.

Now you know, we need 43 surveys more to get the next one!

Thank you all and have a great day
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