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AWARD-WINNING PERFORMANCES AT MUSIC IN THE PARKS The Frost Middle School Music Department made us proud this past weekend at the Music in the Parks Music Competitions. They were awarded 12 trophies this year. Congratulations to the directors and the students!
The students in our Music Department will be competing in the Music in the Parks Music Festival on Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9. Click on the heading above for the detailed schedule. We look forward to their award-winning performances.
Volunteers are needed for the PTSA Sponsored Staff Appreciation Lunch on May 5, at 1:30pm. Please see the website to contact our volunteer coordinator. We need beverages, desserts, and salads, as well as help for the lunch.
Are you or your child interested in Accelerated Math Placement? Attend this special presentation workshop for detailed information on the progressions of course offerings under Common Core and the opportunity for acceleration in Secondary Math from Grade 6 through Grade 12
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Memorial Day - School Closed
Date: 5/25/2015
LAT Meeting (Garcia-Doh-Snider-Curtis-Guzman)
Date: 5/26/2015
Location: Garcia's office
"Roads to Respect" Classroom Presentations (8th Grade)
Date: 5/26/2015, 2 PM 3 PM
Location: All 8th grade English classes
Locker Clean-Out (Per. 5)
Date: 5/27/2015, 1:05 PM 2 PM
Spring Music Festival - Percussion Ensembles B & C
Date: 5/27/2015, 7 PM
Location: Gym

J. Francisco Ayala, Principal
Week of 051815
As the year comes to an end, I want to take a moment to remind students that our past experiences shape our future. The outcome of past events may determine the fate of future events. The success or failure of past policies determines the shaping of policies to come. It is called evolution and progress.

For example, last week we had some special events that we hope our deserving 8th grade students enjoyed. First, we had the Semi-Formal dance. Overall, it was a big success. However, we learned that we must be more strict with enforcing a dress code that truly makes the event a “formal” event. Unfortunately, there were too many questionable dresses that made some of our girls looks less than formal.

Last Friday, we had Junior Grad night. While this event is not school sponsored and it is our PTSA the coordinating team, all I have heard so far is that it was a good experience and I want to thank all students, parents, and volunteers for helping out.

Another example of how our past actions may affect our future is our dress code. This year, we decided to relax the rules about outerwear and gave students more flexibility about what to wear. While most students do an excellent job respecting and enforcing the uniform, which I am very appreciative for, some other students have stretched the flexibility to the breaking point. There are too many items that are being worn every day that are not truly in compliance with the uniform policy. Hence, we may have to revise our code and make it a bit more clear, and strict, for next year, in order for us to be able to enforce it.

With all of this said, I am always very proud of the majority of our students who are always very respectful, courteous, and friendly. You make our school a great place for all.

Our events for this upcoming week include:
Today, Monday 5/18, The School Site Council, or SSC, will meet in room 9 at 3:15 PM
On Thursday, Our Local School Leadership Council, or LSLC, will meet in room 9 at 3:15 PM
On Friday, our Parent Institute Workshop is dedicated to parents of 8th Grade Students who have not attended the required meeting with the counselor regarding their student’s Individualized Culmination Plan.

Looking ahead, please plan for no-school on Monday May the 25th to commemorate Memorial Day. Followed by the final performances of all our musical groups next week, including Frost Bowl.

We are fast approaching the end of the year and I want to thank everybody for everything done to continue making of Frost an excelling place for education.

Have a great week.

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