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Students who took their picture at Orientation will receive their proofs or their pre-purchased packets this week. Instructions on how to order packets or additional pictures is available on the back of the booklet. If students wish to re-take their picture, they must bring the entire portrait booklet back to school on Friday, September 23rd.
Students who missed Orientation will take their picture on Friday, September 23rd. At that time, they will receive their School ID Card and have the opportunity to order pictures.

Order your school pictures online @ www.pictureswithclass.com.
Online Order Access Code: 0009806AR


Order your school pictures online @ www.pictureswithclass.com. Please see both attachments for ordering information.
Online Order Access Code: 0009806AR


Support our school by joining the PTSA. Membership is only $8. Click on the title above for more information.

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Positive Behavior Support Team Meeting
Date: 9/26/2016, 3:10 PM 4 PM
Location: Rm. 9
Early Dismissal - 1:25pm
Date: 9/27/2016
CPT: Department Meetings
Date: 9/27/2016, 1:35 PM 2:55 PM
Welligent Training (RSP Teachers)
Date: 9/27/2016, 1:35 PM 2:55 PM
LDNW - APSCS & Counselor Meeting (Guzman, Darland)
Date: 9/28/2016, 11:30 AM 3 PM
Location: LDNW

J. Francisco Ayala, Principal

Week of 091916

Today, we have a few announcements that I hope will clarify some questions I’ve heard from students and parents.

A reminder to all students that you are required to carry a school ID with you at all times while on campus.

A picture student ID was provided to you during Orientation Days. For the few students who missed Orientation Day, a make up day for pictures will be this Friday, September 23.

If anyone has already misplaced or lost his/her ID, you will be able to obtain a copy of the one we gave you from the Counseling Office starting next week. The first ID you receive is free of charge. Duplicates will require a fee to cover the cost of it.

Students have been wondering what is the correct way to clear an absence.

If a student is absent a whole day, you must bring a note from your parents to the office upon your return.

If a student came to school but was pulled out of class before the end of the school day. A note is not needed because your parents cleared the missing periods with the office when they take you out early.

If a student arrives late to school, and misses some classes at the beginning of the day, you are expected to come to school with a note from your parents, which you need to bring to the office as you come on campus for the rest of the day.

Attendance is very important and, as you know, every period counts. Students, please make sure all your teachers mark you present and that you make it to class on time every class.

With your help, our school will continue to have the exemplary attendance we have had in the past. Remember, at the end of the month, we run the reports and, if attendance is at 96% or above, students will receive a free-dress day.

I will be announcing the attendance for August soon. Be attentive to the announcements and thank you for helping our school by coming to class, on time, every day.

Have a great week!

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