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Date: 11/25/2015
School Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
Date: 11/26/2015
School Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
Date: 11/27/2015
PD: 7th Grade Math Teachers
Date: 11/30/2015
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Date: 11/30/2015
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J. Francisco Ayala, Principal
Week of 110915
Frost students always rise to the occasion and make us proud. Last week, I asked for our students to help us reduce the number of incidents caused by unkind actions towards each other. I was very pleased to see a much lesser number students coming to the office for those reasons. Thank you students and staff for helping us keep our school safe for all.

During the next couple of days, we will continue working on several housekeeping items to continue making our school a great place for education. Students, you may expect to see a collaborative approach from teachers, administrators, and staff, to address the enforcement of all policies that have been communicated to students several times. For example, you may expect some tardy sweeps to help us remind everybody that students need to be in the classroom on time; a team approach to dress-code policy enforcement to help everybody determine what is up to code and what is not. Unfortunately, we are seeing many students who are not following dress-code policy. Everybody can help us determine is something is approved by the uniform policy or not. I’d like for all homerooms right now to invest a minute in clarifying what is up to dress code and what is not. I am sure you will find some items for which somebody could be “dress-coded.” My goal is that we can work together and prepare for the upcoming winter by acquiring items to keep warm that will be school-approved. If parents are having a hard time finding approved items at the store, please remember that our PTSA now carries some Frost jackets that comply with the uniform policy.

In an effort to continue working on ways to make our school even safer, we have monthly Safety Committee meetings where everybody has a voice. Our next Safety Committee meeting is happening today, after school, in room 9. All parents, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

Thank you all for everything you do to continue making of Frost “An Excelling School… An Excellent Choice!”

Have another great week.
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